topic c, part 3: the fake headlines

caution is a word that i can't understand

that "reportage" on emo is pretty funny, indeed. it reminded me a little bit of the news clips featured in the filth and the fury (a few scant seconds of which can be seen in the only available trailer to be found on youtube).

what i find interesting, though, is that emo kids seem to have subverted their punk roots by becoming a threat to no one but themselves. i mean, no one's calling them the "antithesis of humankind" or suggesting they'd be "vastly improved by sudden death" (although i'm sure at least a handful of people actually feel that way).

and yeah, imperial, that frontline episode was great. i particularly liked how the show's reporter came across at times like a total artifact of journalism itself - wearing a rumpled corduroy sport jacket, asking questions like "isn't it true, sir, that you support programs that aren't news? isn't it true, in fact, that you like gossip and can relate to the kids with their ringtones and their secret instant text language?"

way to go, generational divide - way to turn the media against itself.

(sidenote to /a - i suspect hip-hop sucks in '07 for the same reason it did 11 years ago:

"... it's the money!"

but honestly, there's still good stuff to be found out there, so i'm feeling more optimistic about things than maybe i should.)

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