Topic A, Part 1: Instant infamy.


And this is what I love about YouTube: the fact that I don't have to anchor PF to the couch, hoping to god that this fast food commercial airs again, in order to share with him the magic that is Rap Cat. (Now, if only YouTube had an English version of "Die Simpsons - Rektor Skinners Lieblingsfilm", not to mention a clip of that dog howling along to a Casio keyboard on AFV, it would be perfect.)

I love that YouTube is a community-based site akin to those (ahem, illegal) file sharing servers and MP3 blogs that I believe have made the world a better place, or at least levelled the playing field. This, admittedly, is a very sunny view of things. What about the darker side of this "community"? What about the unwilling and often unknowing celebrities of the Internet?

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