It's on.

Since we comment on each other's personal blogs with considerable frequency, I thought it might be a good idea to open a collective blog in which our responses to each other aren't relegated to pop-up comment windows, but are instead displayed as threaded blog posts...a conversation, if you will. I thought it might be nice to have a running discussion where post titles only come into play when the topic is changed, and all the category labels are named after song titles. (It's Valentine's Day, so I'm thinking about love, and the four of us -- me (Miss Imperial), PF, Betagal and /a -- LOVE music.)

Sure, there are message boards for this sort of thing, but with this blog we eliminate at least ninety percent of the boards' self-righteousness and tiresome one-upsmanship (if that is even a word. See? If this was a message board, there would already be 87 replies explaining why I am a total idiot and shouldn't be wasting everyone's time. That sort of "advice", my friends, is what the Comments section is for). This blog is more like an IM session with better spelling!

So how do we break the ice? Keep reading.

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