Topic F, Part One: Stop rolling your eyes!

Though he was sometimes derided as too gloomy and cynical, Vonnegut's most resonant messages have always been hopeful in the face of almost-certain doom.
The quote above is taken from a nice Onion essay on Kurt Vonnegut, as featured on their A.V. Club site. I think the point they make is more than valid; it's a highly accurate observation and a good (if small) instance of counterpoint to their own, often sneering, content (especially The Hater).

Thus, it was disappointing to see the following comment, posted by "Aeryn", on the site (in an article that bravely pays tribute to Tunnel of Love, no less, wow! but anyway, here it is):

I wouldn't consider placing ANYTHING by Springsteen in something called a Hall of Fame. I thought maybe the most jaded of all internet communities, AV Club, might agree with me. Apparently not. How long until we can forget this cheeseball?
Ah! curse you, hipsters! Granted, "idiotking" gently explains the meaning (or at least the non-meaning) of the word "jaded" in a comment immediately following the one posted by "Aeryn", but still...bleh. I know "Aeryn" isn't the only person who feels this way -- that being jaded is a good thing -- and I know I'm dangling some bait for /a, given his fondness for The Boss, but from what does this fashionably dour mindset stem? I'm too lazy to look it up on the computer.

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