Topic E, Part 3: For clarity's sake

I know I've confused people in the real world with this, and now I've carried it over to the blogosphere, but to be clear, when I speak of record shopping, I mean shopping for music, period. I still call it record shopping when I only buy CDs, but I do also purchase vinyl from time to time (though not so much since the birth of my daughter last summer, as the turntable's been in storage, and that shows no sign of changing now that she's ultra-mobile). But - and I think Miss Imperial's with me on this - when I worked in music retail, I called it a record store, and when I have money to burn, I go record shopping. After all, CDs are still recordings, right? And when I made reference to going digital, I suppose I meant mp3s, iPods,, eMusic, etc - music collected and/or consumed through a computer.

Sorry for any confusion.

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