topic a, part five: surveillance camera

sorry, guys: i'm finding it hard to tackle this topic. i mean, the problems of defining public vs. private space (especially in the face of accelerating media infiltration) all by itself gives me too much to chew on. where do you even begin?!

all i can say is that the idea of every man, woman, and (shudder) child/tween/ager wielding near-microscopic cameras everywhere and then beaming the raw footage directly to every available eyeball and/or brainstem in the world feels like the future to me right now, by which i mean that it both scares and fascinates me.

what i'm really looking forward to is the explosion in editing techniques that can't be far behind. in short order, posting raw footage will have fallen hopefully behind the times, and the original blunder will pale in comparison to the seamlessly manipulated mutation it becomes....

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