Topic A, Part 3: Mostly sidebar.

Just the mention of House of Guitars -- "The store that ate my brain!" -- sends me into a tailspin of nostalgia. (I, too, grew up in suburban Ottawa; like /a, I cannot say "J&E Grocery" without adding the store's street address IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS, as if it were part of the name. In a way, it is.) I really did feel like I had some claim to Rochester, NY, and even though that city is right across the water from Toronto, all the American network feeds come from Buffalo affiliates. People, that is NOT the same.


It's true, though, that the world feels a lot smaller than it used to, thanks to the Internet...but, like /a pointed out, the world also feels a lot more congested. How do teenagers stay in the loop? It's not even a loop! It's like a bunch of loops all intertwined, then wrapped tightly around a really huge backpack. No wonder they all need three cellphones each.

(At some point we're going to have to talk about people wearing Bluetooth earpieces ALL THE TIME. I know it's been parodied on many an occasion and is therefore old news, but seriously, it's like those things are grafted to people's temples.)

And /a, you're right, there's a lot of footage on the Internet that some would call, er, "pointless". I feel as if I should applaud the DIY mentality of posting your own work on YouTube -- I suppose it beats waiting in that giant American/Canadian Idol line -- but how does one ensure that the work gets noticed?

(Oh, and I should note that the TBS feed in Toronto comes from somewhere in Georgia, which is the reason why I saw Rap Cat in the first place. Step up, Buffalo!)

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